Who I am

I have worked in the technology sector for over 10 years, specializing in Web, Print and Graphic Design as well as UX/UI for web applications.

Jumping around between Web design, UI/UX, print and graphic design (including marketing, branding, social media). I’ve worked in video editing, photography and photo touch ups as well as managing a team of skilled graphic artists.

Currently I am working in the health care industry, building services and applications that help people find the care they need and crafting friendly experiences that follow simple common goals. To put people (not process) first.

I also freelance as a web designer, consultant and all around tech guru to those want someone who understands how to cut through the BS and give the people what they want (and want to pay for).

The tools

I’ve been in front of a computer since before I could write in cursive. Since the days monochrome screens, dual 5 1/4 inch disk drives and before Oregon trail was the “in” thing.  Granted – I’ve taken apart and broken more pieces of hardware than I care to think back to… However, they were all for a purpose.  I love to learn, I love to explore and discover new tech, new ideas and most of all new toys.

My favorite things to do are to take a step back, open one of the many apps in the adobe suite and try to do something i’m not comfortable with. Often stumbling around in new territory or breaking something is the best way to learn something new to add to your toolset.

The reality

I’m a geek who spends far too much time in front a computer/phone/tablet/etch-a-sketch/laptop or any other glowing screen.  I love the creative process from visual design to story crafting, brainstorming, photographing or filming a wild sketch idea that “is assured to go viral”.

I won’t give you the run around and I might be blunt – but it’s because I am passionate about the work I do.

My days are spent jumping through the various hoops and silo’s involved in getting an idea from a napkin sketch to a website, a video, a digital display ad, a brochure, a logo, a banner, a blog, a social campaign or a shirt.  I love being hands on, but can understand the importance to take a step back and think of the bigger strategic picture.

Visual Design
Multimedia Storytelling
Digital Strategy
Video Production
Motion Graphics & Design
Digital Signage